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I need 30$ for these 3 plushies.
I have 5$ so I need 25...



I just need 10 people to commission me for 5$ each or less people to commission me for more than 5$

I will take only commissions for 5$ and more, I won't take commissions for less than 5$ (I'm sorry but I really WANT THESE PLUSHIES SO BAAAAD!!!)

So, rules:

  • only 10 slots
  • You can ask for anything you want and I will tell you how much it will cost - don't worry my prices will be lowered as much as possible.
  • I won't take commissions for less than 5$
  • You need to pay first. I will DEFINIETLY do your commission but I want to order these plushies as fast as possible. I will do your commission in the first place. I always do paid commissions, really!

What I can suggest to you:

1. Pixel fullart for 5$ (usually it's 6$) like these:

Creator Of Pixels by SheriBonBon You see my plushie by SheriBonBon

2. Simple painting, simple background for 5$ (usually 10$) like these:

001 - Sand fox and a fennec cat by SheriBonBon 003 - marble fox and marble fox by SheriBonBon Glass sand by SheriBonBon

3. 2 big chains for 5$ (usually one big chain is for 4$) like these

hug time by SheriBonBon yoyo by SheriBonBon dream catcher by SheriBonBon

4. 4 small chains for 5$ (usually one small chain is for 2$) like these

Chains (1) by SheriBonBon
5. 3 pixel animated meowing icons for 5$ (usually one icon is for 3$) like these:

infinity meow by SheriBonBon woof by SheriBonBon Long day by SheriBonBon meow in pink by SheriBonBon


If you want something else, just ask! I will make a discount for you!!


1. taken
2. taken
3. taken
4. taken
5. taken
6. taken
7. taken
8. open
9. open
10. open

Please, guys! I just love Slime Rancher and I really want these plushies! 

I'm almost free!
I will finally have time for dA, drawing and more! I have big plans! But problalby they won't work ;p.
Anyway, I will answer all comments and comment most of my friend's deviatons tomorrow (or today) and I want to be more active here.
I want to start drawing a comic - again! I have so many ideas but I know drawing comics is very difficult and time consumig. I have no idea if it wil work and I'm kinda afraid. I have 3 ideas for stories in my mind. I was developing them for a long time.
First idea that ever came to my mind is a story about a cat and a dog. Cliche thing.
Second idea is a story about a specie that I wanted to create but I gave up.
And the latest idea is something inspired by Steven Universe. I really like the story that came to my mind but I'm afraid that it will be a copy of SU and I don't want that...

I don't know, I have much more stories in my mind and I love them but I don't know if I should work on them.
But I will try!
When you wach an animated movie and you just can't be the same again because this movie was that amazing.
I'm gonna cry
I really want to have a job as an illustrator or something.
Or maybe making grophics for simple, cute games?
I had one opporunity to have a job like this but I'm an idiot and I missed it.
Now I have no idea what should I do to be a better artist and get my dream job
I think I will stay with my old fursona but I changed her a lot little bit.

Here is waht I have in mind, what do you think?
I will stay with the gray-white-yellow scheme because it fits me the most
Jak już kiedyś pisałam piszę pracę o forach internetowych. Wspomniałam, że będę prowadzić ankietę i nawet parę osób się zgłosiło, że wypełni :P.
Teraz ankieta jest gotowa a ja zwracam się do was z prośbą o jej wypełnienie.

Ankieta dotyczy osób, które mają 16-20 lat (liceum-technikum lecz jeśli "brakuje" Ci paru miesięcy to i tak się kwalifikujesz ;p) i korzystają w jakikolwiek sposób z for internetowych. To są jedyne warunki. Każdemu kto się tutaj zgłosi wyślę link do ankiety (anonimowej). Bardzo proszę o przekazanie tej wiadomości każdemu znajomemu, który by się kwalifikował i wyrażał chęć udzielenia odpowiedzi. Terminy gonią a ja nie mam nic!!

Dla każdej innej osoby, która to przeczyta a nie korzysta z for internetowych niech napisze w komentarzu czemu nie korzysta :). Nie będzie to brane pod uwagę w badaniach (raczej) lecz zaspokoi moją ciekawość.

OBIECUJĘ że jeśli uda mi się skończyć pracę i bronić przed końcem czerwca zrobię wieeeelkie RQ z ilością slotów odpowiadających ilości uzyskanych od was wypełnionych ankiet.
Today I couldn't log in to deviantart because "my password was incorrect" but I know it was correct. I had to reset and here I am.

Did you have the same problem?
I want to comment all deviations that are in my inbox and dA thinks it's spam :D.

It's ok, I just wrote too many messages xD
to finish my bachelor thesis.

And I don't have the most important part of this - research XD



I will do a stream of me doing pyaushies reference sheet!
I have to download OBS studio but it will be on soon.

Here is my channel!
That most of internet trolls are sadist?

Researches and studies confirmed this some time ago.

that my account "does not meet the eligability requirements", well, cool, I did nothing and it's permanent. Nice 
I'm working on reference for my pyaushies and of course it will be in english. As you can see, english isn't my native language :P. I will need help in correcting mistakes. It won't be much, I promise. I'm still writing everything but is there anybody who want to help me?

I offer free pyaushies!!
Powoli zaczyna robić się cieplutko więc może ktoś z Warszawy chciałby się spotkać?
Porysować, pogadać, pożartować itp.

+gdyby chciał ktoś pogadać na Discordzie to może mnie znaleźć po tagu: #0777
Favourite thing/food/object etc ?
I don't know if it's a good thing or not
What is your favourite animal?
I just took break from commenting for a while and I had to make it up somehow ^^;
Only ~60 pageviews left :).

The nearest kiriban: 51,000

Other kiribans:
And now I have 6 unfinished (and almost totally clear) sketchbooks!
I just love buying them.
Any idea what should I draw in them? ;p