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I'm finishing one of my commissions now but later I will do requests from previous stream
Okay, I made my own Patreon


I have no idea if it works ^^;.
It still in progress but if you want to support me - you can! Every support means world to me.
But I don't know if I'm the type of artist that people want to support...
I mean, most of my arts are just cute, little drawings or paintings - it's not professional. I really want to start making money from my arts (just for buying things that I need) and I want to share more content with you...
Do you think it's worth it?
Please, be honest - don't be just kind, be honest.
I decided to stream!
I will draw your character! Just come and give me a link to your character ^^.
I'm getting bored with my own stuff and I have alot of things to do but I don't want to do them so I think I can open 5 slots for pixel icons.
I make them in so many ways that I get confused when people don't specify what they want so I decided to make a list of icon types:

Pew by SheriBonBon  The last one by SheriBonBon  Hypnosis by SheriBonBon  staring at you by SheriBonBon  Another icon by SheriBonBon
Static, no shading, en face, background
Dollar (US) $2 or 160 

Yawn by SheriBonBon
Animated - yawn/meow, no shading, en face, background
Dollar (US) $3 or 240 :points: 

bubble tea by SheriBonBon  Frame 10 Delay-0.2s by SheriBonBon 
New canvas kopia by SheriBonBon
Static, Portait, shaded/not shaded, background 
(full or partial)
Dollar (US) $2 or 160 :points: 

icon pixel by SheriBonBon  snow by SheriBonBon  Loki icon by SheriBonBon
Static, fullbody, shaded/not shaded, no background
Dollar (US) $2 or 160 :points: 

  Iii by SheriBonBon
 Static, fullbody, shaded/not shaded, background (full or partial)
Dollar (US) $3 or 240 :points: 

Fursona avatar by SheriBonBon  Ghali icon by SheriBonBon 
Simple animation, shaded/not shaded, no background 
Dollar (US) $3 or 240 :points: 

Ghali icon - eith background by SheriBonBon  Maggie icon by SheriBonBon 
Simple animation, fullbody, shaded/not shaded, background (full or partial)
Dollar (US) $4 or 320 :points: 

If you want to order other type of pixel icon that isn't listed here - you can just ask :)
I don't bite, I promise

I got prices for points from: Calculator


1. :iconvo-oky:
2. :iconrepvak:
3. :iconfeelinggenki:

Note: I've decided to open point commissions especially for those people who can't afford paying with money. I know that prices for points looks high but this is the equivalent of money.

Maximum waiting time: 1 month
*MAXIMUM - so if you want to order simple icon it will probably take 1 or 2 days*

If I will do them quick I will open new slots

I have alot of them, I just wonder if it wouldn't be very unnecessary
To the people who asked about my commissions:
They will be open in July so if you want one - just be patient ^^.
I still love my chocolate cougar but I think I should make her my secondary fursona.
I just changed alot. My mind, my personality just changed.

I still don't know what my fursona should be. I think I will make her as one of my own species - I don't know.
What do you think fits me the most?
I'm sorry I'm posting journal like this but I'm very unsure about myself and I'm really curios what people think about me and how they see me.
It's best way to know yourself - just ask others.
And I made another account for voxels:

I shouldn't do this but I want to practice my voxels sooo...
My voxel requests are open - you can request anything you want - from simple animals, through own characters to landscapes and objects.

I know that people usually want their own characters but I can't make only these. So if you want me to make a voxel character, please suggest second thing - something that isn't character or animal. Yes, you can request more than one thing but only one OC.

And keep in mind that very detailed characters won't work
Jestem w trakcie pisania pracy licencjackiej (która leży i kwiczy) a dotyczy ona między innymi korzystania z for internetowych. Będę musiała przeprowadzić badanie na młodzieży (myślę nad 14-18 ale to się pewnie zmieni). Na ten moment chcę tylko wiedzieć ile osób w wieku 14-18 korzystało lub korzysta z for internetowych (oraz co to za fora) i czy będą chciały wypełnić krótką anonimową ankietę. 
Chcę mieć po prostu jakieś pojęcie o tym ile osób będę mieć "na pewno" by móc dalej rozsiewać miłość ów prośbę.
Obecnie tylko napiszcie czy korzystacie lub korzystaliście z for, z jakich for i czy będziecie chcieli brać udział w ankiecie. Jeśli znacie jakieś osoby, które też wyrażałyby chęć wzięcia udziału to proszę, przekażcie tym osobom tę wiadomość i mojego maila:
Z góry dziękuję ^^
Last question today, ok?

What do I remind you of?

I just started a conversation with someone and I think that it's interesting! And if you comment here I will tell you what do you remind me of, ok?
*I don't have Core for making polls sooo I'm sorry for making journals for questions ^^;*

What type of avatars do you like the most? Pixel? Painting? Drawing? Animated or not?
Write in comments!
...Will get little sketchy drawing!
I know I shouldn't write it here because it's a site for sharing arts but here I'm most active. I wanted to tell you something important.
You are perfect, you are valuable, you are a good person. If somebody tells you different - don't listen to him, just ignore. You may have hard time in your life but, please, don't stop, just keep going forward. It may be hard but it will make you stronger. Don't be afraid and try to talk to other people about your problems. If you don't have person to talk to - I'm here. I can't solve your problems but I can try to cheer you up, I can try to help. Because I care.
Some time ago a tragedy happened to my family. I made a mistake and I didn't talk about it to anybody - I was thinking I am ok. I was thinking about giving up. Please, don't make the same mistakes as I did, keep going and never give up.
Just live, be the person you are. People care. I care too.
I wanted to remind you of this:

Summing up:

If we hit 50,000 pageviews before 12.09.2017:

  • Kiriban is on 49,990 to 50,000 pageviews - 10 people will get a drawing from me!
  • I will show you all (I will try to show all of them!)of my traditional and digital arts, sketches, doodles that you haven't seen before
Can we do this?

1746 pageviews left!
I wanted you to know - I'm better now ^^.
Thank you for your support, I love you guys. Sometimes I'm so grateful to people, that I don't know what should I do. It's like... I want to give my love to everyone! Spread the love! Like nutella (it's so unhealthy but so good!) on your bread. 
Thank you again ^^.

Anyway, I want to start doing something like "monthly drawing". I want to draw one "special" drawing per month. What this "special" means?

I want YOU to decide what I will draw! Every month I will make a journal (like this one) and ask you "what should I draw nezt? Would you help me?

But please, don't suggest anything 18+, brutal, gore or something... I won't draw your fursona, character - you know what I'm talking about.


What should I draw next?
And will to live.
I mean... I will live but I don't have any good thoughts about my future and my life. It's just empty. 
For the first time I think I have a real depression or something alike. I won't go to a psychologist, he won't help me, it something deeper I think.

Don't worry about me, I'm ok. I will live. 
Something happened and it changed my psyche. I will be okay someday.

I wrote this here because I wanted to. I don't want attention. I just wanted to be honest with you.
My pagieviews drastically incerased today. What happened?
Okay, I've just created my own fanpage :D.
I did this not for attention - I just wanted to do "something" to spread my arts ^^.

If you are interested:…

I will post here my voxel arts. some sketches, crap and I-have-no-idea-what-I-should-post-there. 
Do you think that I should make a fanpage on Facebook?
I don't like facebook but it seems that it's very popular way to share arts here.
Do you think that it's a good idea?